From 15/7 - 31/7/2011, all the contestants in the nationwide university entrance exam, college 2011 in Hanoi can participate scores predict college to have the opportunity to receive 01 Gateway NV54 Laptop and other attractive prizes.
Since 26/10, users will be flooded in dozens of patterns and new tablet PC operating system Microsoft Windows 8. In fact, there were 50 laptops, tablets, hybrid, all in a planned new amphibious occasion.
At the Consumer Electronics Expo (CES) 2013 held in Las Vegas, computer maker Lenovo has continuously introduced the ThinkPad Edge line of luxury products for entrepreneurs and businesses.
Page Engadget has posted a video revealing about the upcoming HP laptop prediction called Spectre (or Envy Spectre).
At supermarkets nationwide Viettel HP G42-485TU PDC (LN435PA) sold for just 8.999.000d, preferential rates applied to 1000 machines for early customers.
While using non-genuine software, help investment costs are low, even almost no investment, by installing pirated software discs cost only a few thousand in number, but the damage that users, especially the business can suffer up to a billion.
When the music streaming service and cloud storage is growing in popularity, the optical drive in the laptop is no longer required features for users who move frequently. Therefore, the 13.3-inch laptop has a DVD burner phased out to become "nhon mi".
From 1/3/2012, supermarkets system in collaboration with Acer Pico officially launched the program "Special discounts for students when buying Acer laptop product line Core-i".
On 15/6 here, lots first laptop using Google Chrome OS by search giant self-development will be officially on sale in the U.S. and six other countries.
Samsung Electronics is investigating allegations some R Series laptops contain its keylogger software, a software that can be used to record whatever the user typed on the keyboard.
“Nếu chúng tôi sử dụng chip Intel Core i3 thì giá của Ultrabook sẽ không dưới 1.000 USD. Mức giá còn vượt ngưỡng 1.000 USD nếu tích hợp các con chip cao cấp hơn, như Core i5, i7”, một nguồn tin từ đội ngũ phát triển siêu laptop UX của Asus. Theo ông này, dòng UX chủ yếu sử dụng chip i5, i7 để tăng tốc độ. Về giá cả, chip i5, i7 vốn dĩ đã rất đắt, do đó, gộp chi phí chip, hệ ...
Is the laptop not only towards good quality, strong configuration, but also achieve the aesthetic of the convenience factor, combined with the luxury alloy. So what is a laptop "Pro" let\'s explore the fascinating features of this laptop brand new 3G Adame GoodM!
Models such as the ThinkPad X1, Portege R830, 13-inch MacBook Air or Samsung Series 9 that many people crave.
HP has officially announced that it will expand the program voluntary recall and replacement laptop battery fault globally, including Vietnam.
Computer manufacturers are racing to create the featured changes to line your laptop outperformed other firms. For example, to configure the "crisis over", using a new generation of graphics chips, to taste better entertainment, removing unnecessary components, ...
With terrible configuration of high-speed chip, 4G connectivity and super-resolution screen, iPad HP also surpass many laptops are sold on the market.
From now until 15/4/2011, when buying any laptop (except mini laptop) at thegioididong.com and thegioidientu.com, customers have the opportunity to receive even a mini laptop fashion.
Toshiba\'s latest laptop maker to become victims of errors "hot air". The decision to withdraw nearly 41,000 laptop that the company has released the result of more than 100 reports of melting laptop shell case in many countries.
From 7/8/2011 to 25/9/2011, Microsoft in collaboration with the agency implementing the program "Festival laptop - Happy Hour discount" gift coupon worth 1 million at supermarkets Big C customers buying laptops with pre-installed Windows 7 on a Sunday in may.
If you are looking to buy a new computer, this will be the occasion to Black Friday is a great time to hunt these programs attractive discounts through online shopping sites.
Add a brazen robbery in Hanoi. 2 robbers broke into the audacity to use pepper spray, handcuffed robbery host computer.
During the opening ceremony of Asia Laptop Plaza 170 Thai Ha on 12/3/2011, South Asia will perform VNĐ 1,700,000 awarded for any 170 laptop.
A house fire caused 26-3 on tragic death of the father and child in Israel is believed to be due to overheating laptop placed on the mattress in the bedroom of the child.
Laptop HP 430 is designed to be simple, rugged, this is stronger when offered 02 GB of RAM, bringing the total capacity of up to 4GB.
Do not throw away the old laptop! Just upgrade it once or twice, you can make the machine run faster, add features and extend its lifespan.
From 15/04 to 31/05/2011, customers who purchase genuine distribution Toshiba laptop in the official Toshiba dealers across the country will receive phone cards valued at from 200,000 VND to 700,000 VND.
A new study warns, Wi-Fi laptops can be "cooked" sperm.
Concerned slow consumption before and a bear market is the dominance of the MacBook Air, the only major laptop manufacturers to launch ultrabook of (their ultra-thin laptops using Intel\'s new) drop this year for exploration.
Just because a stolen laptop and deleted all the data on which the perpetrators must pay fines range up to nearly $ 10,000, the amount greater than the value of the laptop.
Australian scientists have successfully studied a method entirely new battery charger, allowing "extracted" by the energy created when we bent plug tapped on the keyboard to ... feed the laptop.
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